About CCI Plastic

CCI Plastic Solutions for Food Packaging

CCI provides innovate plastic solutions including PET, PP, PS and PLA.
Various selections of innovate designs are eco-friendly and fulfill the highest industrial standards.
CCI has a strong R&D team and is able to offer customized solutions to your business.

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About BMT Paper

BMT Paper Solutions for Food Packaging

BMT supplies various paper solutions for food services.
The cold and hot cups are available in various paper materials, each suited to different occasions, beverages and price points.
Our high-quality meal bowl and box withstand a variety of temperatures and food types, keeping food fresh and customers happy.

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CCI Group New Product Solutions

Every CCI Group employee listens diligently to customer needs.
We provide consistent communication, then generate productive and customized ideas.
Please feel free to consult us your questions or inquires regarding food packagings.

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